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Image by Drew Beamer

Custom Work

Automotive Customs in Grand Junction, Colorado

Take it from a former drag racer--sometimes, a straight-off-the-assembly line car just doesn't cut it. If you want your car customized, modernized, or just made more awesome, you need to bring it to Pearmain's Performance and Automotive.

The Pearmain family has been in the car business for generations. Our owner, Kelly Pearmain, is a former drag racer who's completely dedicated to his craft.

We can do almost anything custom. Just call us or bring your car in and let us show you what we can do!

Mild to Wild

Maybe you want to drop a new engine into an old car. We love that idea. Maybe you want to update the computer in your GM vehicle. We can help you there, too. Maybe you've got the vision of your car turning into the next great dragster. We just might be the shop you're looking for!

Call us today at (970) 241-0240 to learn more about what we can do for your car!

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